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Products Sale Conditions

Sales Terms

1 - If not otherwise stated, prices are net of discount and ex-factory.
2 - Any sale made by our Agents is subject to Seller’s approval.
3 - Order cancellations are not accepted, if not agreed previously, and in any case the Supplier is entitled to request the remboursement for charges borne because of such cancellations.
4 - Goods are carried at Buyer’s risk. Failing specific instructions, goods will be forwarded by the most convenient means of conveyance and this will not give cause for any claim. In case of demage or lack of goods, Buyer will immediately proceed against the carrier. Goods are not covered by any type or insurance, if not expressly requested by the Buyer. Insurance cost shall be at Buyer’s expenses. Goods will be checked, tested and undergo relevant analysis for the account of the Buyer, upon receipt. Claims made after 8 days from receipt will not be taken into consideration.
5 - Delivery terms are approximate and depend on the means available at that moment. Possible delays will not entitle the Buyer to request either any compensation, indemnity or remboursement for direct and consequential damages or to cancel the order. Payments which are not made on due dates by Buyers will cause the postponement of delivery terms and entitle the Seller to suspend or even cancel orders on hand.
6 - In case of mistakes or manufacturing defects which are made known within 8 days from receipt of goods and are acknowledged by us as such defective goods will be replaced without giving right to any indemnity, compensation or remboursement for direct and co sequential damages. Defective goods will be replaced as quickly as possible. Unauthorized returns of goods are not admitted. Delays in payments by the
Buyer will suspend any guarantee.
7 - Invoices are to be understood fully accepted if they are not rejected within 5 days from their arrival. In any case the Buyer must make the payment, subject to have his claims recognized later on.
8 - Payments shall be made at Seller’s residence, in legal currency, net of discount and when agreed upon. No objection raised by the Buyer may justify his refusal to pay on agreed terms. Indirect payments are not admitted and payments by cheque or banks bills are accepted subject to collection and not to credit novation.
9 - We decline any liability for accidents to persons and property which may occur by reason or in consequence of products supplied by us. This applies also to accidents which may occur during testing.
10 - Catalogue drawings are shown as example only. The Seller reserves the right to change all dimensions without notice he will deem necessary.
11 - Any dispute relating to present Contract shall be settled exclusively by the Court of Florence.
12 -All our items are supplied disassembled.

Special Terms of Supply
1 - Standard packages only are admitted.
2 - Minimum order value: € 300.
3 - Delivery will be ex-factory
4 - Payment will be by draft, 30 days net monthly account. First supplies to new Customers will be in advance by swift.
5 - If colour is not indicated on order the item will be delivered in the available colour.
6 - Orders shall be carried out within 20÷25 days from their receipt or from eventual explanations requested by the Seller or within longer terms on case of Force Majeure.
7 - Delivery terms for items out of stock to be discussed with sales office.

1 - Order acceptance is subject to what stated hereinunder:
- a) orders shall be placed in writing, by e-mail, telefax or letter;
- b) complete and exact item identification codes shall be mentioned in your  rders.
2 - In case of misdelivery, to be attributed to us, we engage to forward again the material requested by you, carriage paid.
3 - On the contrary, if the mistake is chargeable to you,we are ready to accept the return of goods, carriage free. In this case an amount equal to 30% of total order value will be debited to you, in order to recover management expenses. Restitution of goods will have to take place within and not over 15 days from their receipt.